Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 1.   Activation Charges 10$.

 2.  Minimum withdrawal of 30$.

 3.  Minimum 10$ Internal Transfer.

 4.  Internal Transfer is free of charges.

 5.  Withdrawal fee is 5%. (Excluding Bank Charges). 

 6.  Working Incentive can be withdraw fortnightly. 

 7.  Sponsor Incentive can be withdraw instantly.

 8.  Other all Incentives can be withdraw Monthly on every first day. 

 9.  Package can’t be upgraded before expiry.

10.  Package can top up anytime. 

11.  Once your payment submitted in the system, it will take Minimum 72hrs. 

12.  Once your package completed, you can renewal again within 72hrs for resuming your current status. 

13. If does not renewal between 72hrs, so automatically resuming in your current stats.

14. Once your package completed,  you can only upgrade not a downgrade, or resuming in your current status.

15.  Once your package completed, if you withdraw your investment, your current position is removed.


Pick "n" Glow is High Yield Investment Program launched and processing payments since February 16, 2021. It is an interesting program for its unique features such as new generated investment plans every day. Overall design is professionally made and each corner of the website have been developed with perfection and investors in mind.

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