A Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate?

The success rate of any business depends upon your consistent effort and time. Similarly, it is the same Pick"n"Glow business. If you really invest time and effort you can also earn 6 to 7 figure income in this business.

Does one have to pay taxes for the revenue earned from Pick"n"Glow ?

Individual marketers or distributors have to pay taxes depending on how much they earn. Tax filing has to be handled by the distributor.

How to pay commissions to distributors?

If a distributor met with the criteria set by the Pick"n"Glow then he/she will be eligible to receive commissions and other compensations. The compensations so acquired will be credited to the distributor’s wallet.

What is a Investment Plan?

Investment planning is the process of matching your financial goals and objectives with your financial resources. A systematic investment plan is an investment vehicle, offered by many small or big investments to investors for different time of periods.

How Does the investment Plan Works?

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), is the ideal way of investing in mutual funds in a regular and systematic manner. A SIP works on the basic rule of investing regularly, enabling you to build wealth over time.


Systematic plans are the most efficient method of investing. You do not need to consider daily market movements to invest your money in these plans. It is recommended that even if you invest regularly, you must opt for SIPs as your primary investment strategy. Here are three advantages of SIP: 1. It brings about financial discipline 2. It is pocket-friendly 3. It provides compounding effect

How many members can sponsor by one?

There are no sponsor member limits and one can sponsor unlimited members as downlines. With more members, the sponsor can earn more incentive and commissions.

Who exactly a sponsor is?

A sponsor is someone who recruits a member into the network and becomes a part of the business network.